This week: Friday through Thursday, July 14th – July 20th


“Thoughts on Things”, New & Noteworthy and Class Schedules enclosed.  In that order. In case you want to skip over anything. Enjoy!

We Want Our Time Back!

(Wait…maybe we don’t after all…it’s all so confusing!)

We used to dream about living completely off the grid, in a charming little cottage in the woods.  In reality it would’ve probably looked like Ma & Pa Kettle’s place with a composting toilet (Who, you say?  Ma & Pa Kettle!! The comedy stars of the Depression Era movies!  They were in syndication on one of our 3..count ’em… 3 stations in the ’70’s!)  Now we dream of extended time share in a 5 star wilderness resort, with close by medical access in case we over-do it on a hike,  or the dining room.  The time slipped away.

We thought that if we kept our children in the closet and didn’t feed them they would stay adorable babies forever.  We never tried it, but it would’ve been lovely.  Now they are adorable adults, but we miss the cuddling (with US!)  The time slipped away.

We found a January 2017 copy of RealSimple buried on the cocktail table (no, not coffee….priorities people!!) and ruminated on all the clever things we had planned to do with Cocoa Powder, oh, and the “simple list of to-dos” for the year.   The time slipped away.

We recently updated the big paper calendar in the shop.  Seems it’s not March anymore…or even May! What happened?  Time slipped away.  So we are faced with a choice:  either bemoan our fates and live in the memories; or, and we prefer this one, SNAP OUT OF IT!  It’s time recognize that half the year is over!  It’s time to stop writing March, 2016 on checks (some of us still write checks!).  It’s time to quit complaining that we just brought out our winter clothes & it’s time for the summer wardrobe, AGAIN?

We really enjoy where we are right now, don’t you?  The woods are there when we need them; the grown children sometimes bless us with grandbabies, that we can cherish and send back when they are stinky, only to retrieve them again;  and we’ve got to quit renewing our magazine subscriptions.   Seriously, we didn’t read them then, and we don’t read them now.

And we really enjoy our Escondido Summers.  Too hot, too sunny, too dry, and too wonderful to trade for the cloudy coast or congested city south.  The first half year is over, and it was great!  Full of love, fun and festivities!  With the second half already well underway we are ready to make more magnificent memories.   So we’re going to have a party here, at the shop.  A Beach Party! On August 5th, probably!  After Hours!  With Beverages!  To prove you don’t have to go to the coast to have fun!

Stay Tuned for Details!!

FiveStars Rewards members, we have the ever popular Pop-Up vendors, Ruby & Alex of  “humming honeys” this week, so it’s a Double Point Weekend! AND 15% off one item, exclusively for members only!

Not a member?  Sign up and receive a $5 discount on your next visit!


humming honeys are back this weekend as our Guest Pop-Up Shop!  They are bringing lots of new things & doing quite a lot of custom work, so don’t be afraid to ask if you don’t see what you want at first.

Very Special Event on July 29th

We are fortunate to be a stop on the Road/Trunk Show, benefiting the Escondido Humane Society.  Their beautiful handblown glasses & votives are amazing!  Check out their website and plan to stop in and see for yourself.

This is News to Me

This is worth repeating:
Well, we did it!  We made a video.  And no, we aren’t lip-syncing “I Will Survive”.  It’s a delightful 1m27s romp through the shop, narrated by Bev, still with the glasses on her head and speaking too fast.  We encourage you to watch it on Yelp (search for Simply Grand, Escondido) and let us know what you think.  (But please don’t tell Bev it looks or sounds like her in the video, she found watching herself so disappointing!)

Fun Fact:  #SJ   is having a Sale in July!  We told her we wouldn’t print the Christmas part, so there!  Too soon, right?  Anyway, Sherlynn’s BigDeal is Buy 1, Get 1,  1/2 off!

Another Fun Fact:  More Oilcloth has arrived!  Stock up for all your table sizes, indoor and out, and grab a tote or make-up bag to match.  You might even catch us modeling the ever fabulous Retro Apron.

Class Calendar 
Learn to Paint Furniture
(and never be embarrassed by a table again!)Most of us have a piece “gifted” to us by a family member, whom we love deeply, but it’s all wrong for our home.

Now you can fix that!  Chalk style paint is easy, quick and so forgiving…and addictingly fun!

Saturday July 15th  3:00pm – 5:00pm
Cost is $35. 2 spaces left.  

Call or come in for more details

Make a Mixed Media Art Piece
(and lord your creativity over all your friends!)With over 20 quotes and photos to use, you will create your own unique “Words of Wisdom” to take home, hand up or give as a gift. Ribbons, beads, buttons, and vintage style embellishments will be available, along with co-ordinated papers and finishes.

Saturday August 12th from 1 pm to 2:30pm.
Cost is $25. and includes all materials.  6 spaces left.

We are interested in expanding our jewelry, clothing and furniture offerings.  If you or someone you know would like to be considered for a booth rental, please email your information to and note Booth Space Rental in the subject line.  Or you may call 760.745.1400 and ask for Bev.

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